Vera's collection

From its rich range it is evident the nature of Vera, its vocation for the natural and especially vegetal world.


and eating

As a result of a careful study, "Vera" is the line created to meet the needs of who wants to taste the pleasure of eating healthy, preferring a versatile cuisine without giving up the intrinsic nutritional qualities of the Mediterranean diet. With "Vera" the evaluators of a sustainable, good and healthy nutritional model can now find essential tools and instruments, specifically designed for them.

design is also inspired by nature

The shape of the handles recalls the stalk of a celery and the whole line is proposed with colors inspired by the nature that surrounds us.

centro ricerche Ghidini

The technological innovation, the development of new products, the careful selection of raw materials, tests and trials aimed at guaranteeing the maximum reliability and safety of use are carried out by the renewed CENTRO RICERCHE GHIDINI.

Vera's collection reveals its nature

From its rich range emerges the nature of "Vera", its vocation for the natural and especially veggie world. A range that ideally follows a virtuous path that starts with the kitchen garden and with the sprouter, a valuable tool at the base of many healthy cooking recipes. This path continues with the washing, an essential phase in the use of raw vegetables, and with the tools designed for the preparation of fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese. This interesting route continues with the instrument for traditional, steam and without excess fats cooking, it goes through the drying and then reaches the last phases: the conservation and regeneration.







Discover Vera's recipes

Vera is a lover of natural cuisine, she loves to prepare healthy dishes without giving up the pleasure of being at the table and the taste of eating well.

This recipe book introduces you to its world with six original recipes that will surprise you with intriguing combinations, colorful presentations and the intensity of flavors.

A whole world dedicated to the trade
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Vera's packaging

Vera's packaging communicates and transmits the values that inspired this series. The pictures of the products on the pack are placed in an authentic context where natural materials such as hemp and wood compose the background. Each package contains some suggestions for an ideal use of the product and inside there is a booklet of exclusive recipes to let the consumer explore new horizons in the healthy cuisine.

The display created for this range - and marked out by nature inspired colors - finally captures the attention by proposing a rich and coordinated assortment.

Vera, the healthy cuisine

Result of a careful study, "Vera" is the line created to meet the needs of those who want to cultivate the taste and pleasure of healthy eating at the table,
favoring a multifaceted cuisine without renouncing the intrinsic nutritional qualities of the Mediterranean diet. With "Vera" the admirers of a sustainable, good and healthy model of food, find today tools and tools designed specifically for them.


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